$100M stolen from Crypto Bridge Horizon


The FBI is currently investigating a major crypto theft on the Horizon Bridge, a Harmony Project exchange portal.

The Harmony Project team explained in a series of tweets that there had been a theft of crypto tokens worth approximately 100 million US dollars. Harmony continued to assert that it wanted to cooperate with the responsible authorities and to recover the stolen tokens. As a result, they deactivated the Horizon Bridge to rule out further incidents. Harmony explicitly mentioned that this does not affect the trustless BTC bridge; their contents are still safe.

In-house ONE token crashes

The Harmony Project’s ONE token plunged more than

after the announcement % away. The Horizon Bridge allowed users to exchange valuables. This could be NFTs, cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, for example. Horizon traded crypto assets between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and its in-house Harmony blockchain.

Attackers exploited the workings of Horizon

The or the attackers used the workings of the Horizon for their 100 million robbery Bridge off. It is therefore worth taking a look here for a more detailed explanation. So far, the cash pile has not been moved to a crypto mixer like Tornado Cash. This shows a look into the blockchain. In response to the crypto attack, Harmony Project has notified other exchanges to prevent further transactions.

2022 stole more than a billion US dollars from Cross Chain Bridges so far

The attack is another great raid and just one of many that 2022 against crypto bridges. Crypto bridges allow users to move tokens between blockchains. Wormhole Bridge was only attacked in February and suffered damage of approx. 326 million US -Dollar. In March, the Ronin Bridge was exploited and even lost 313 million US dollars. With these current cases alone, more than one billion US dollars have been stolen from crypto bridges.

The current case against the Horizon Bridge involves the FBI and some cyber security companies. They work together to make the app. 12.000 Ether to bring back the previously stole unknown attacker from the Horizon Bridge.




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