The Future is Here, Let Blood and Tears Rule

Technology came to substantiate our human interaction and not to substitute the happy personal life we had. Photo/Shutterstock

People are more important than things, says Randy Pausch in his Last Lecture. However, in a world where money talks and fame sets the agenda of the day, human beings are closely losing out the touch that ought to dwell in them.

We are a generation that is primarily focused on making more money and carrying along our daily mantra that no longer cares about other beings.

Self-Induced Slavery

See, a good percentage of us are walking robots with dry humane affection. We are devoid of love, peace and unity yet pretend to share hugs and kisses over WhatsApp emoji and internet memes.

Sad enough, a couple of us have fallen in love over   and over again with our gadgets and in extension gotten married to our social media accounts all thanks to free WIFI and unsolicited insomnia.

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How frequently do you visit your old folks? When is the last time you took a friend out for a cup of coffee purely with the aim of just catching up? How much do you spend on people just by buying them gifts and free lunches?