IEBC Ballot Box during a previous parliamentary by-election. Photo/Courtesy

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) now says the Jubilee administration is planning to influence the outcome of the country’s 2017 polls.

On Sunday, ODM stated that Jubilee has sensed defeat in next year’s elections and now it wants to recall the Elections Act and propose amendments which ‘will kill the spirit of the original amendments that were agreed upon by the Joint Select Committee.’

ODM’s acting Secretary General Agnes Zani said that the party will resist attempts by the ruling coalition ‘to arm-twist, control and dictate the electoral body on how to conduct the next general election.’

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Further Zani said, they are aware of a plot by Jubilee not to fund the purchase of electoral equipment a move they deem to be preparing ground for rigging.

The party’s chairperson, John Mbadi on Sunday said IEBC is inflating and exaggerating equipment figures for no reason.

He stated that ODM’s experts had calculated and arrived at a figure that is does not exceed sh4 billion.

ODM proposed that the electoral body to lease the equipment from countries where elections have been held successfully.

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The proposed amendments were passed by parliament two months ago after being presented to both houses by the Joint Select Committee on IBEC reforms after pull and push deliberations.

Prior to the electoral negotiations, the opposition coalition CORD had staged a series of street protests across the country to force the exit of IEBC commissioners arguing that they had lost the credibility to oversee 2017 general elections.