We are living in a society that has more single mothers than before. Against the many societal odds that have been imposed on them, these mothers boldly up bring their children single handedly. Being a single mother has its own challenges, misconceptions about it paints the wrong picture about single parenthood.

Parenting reports, some of the successful people brought up in such situations include 44th President of the US Barack Obama, who was raised by his single mom and grandparents; President Clinton, who was brought up primarily by his mom; and actress Bridget Moynahan, who went through her pregnancy alone after splitting from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

You will attest with me that Obama is not only a role model to young men globally on general success but also to many aspiring parents on parenting and leadership.

We single out the main fallacies on single mummies.

Misconception #1: Single mothers are seen as desperate souls, for a partner or so. In many occasions, the world perceives them to be lonely and desperate for a man. The literal thought of seeing men as the ultimate security for women makes even many married women in hell-like relationships insecure. This clan of women get engulfed in the fear of losing their wild husbands for single motherhood.

Reality: Many single mothers have been into a relationship that they’ve worked through and became braver for life situations. Majority of single mothers can clearly tell between a fraudulent and worthy relationship. To say less, worthy marriages are rare like gemstones. Single mothers are not solely after anybody’s husband. Society should accord them respect.

Although we might have a few single mothers who really need help, there are many focused and hardworking mummies of the Singlehood clan capable of raising mature gents and ladies without strain. They have learned to thrive on their own by devising creative ways of getting things done right.

Misconception #2: Single mothers can do it all alone. Frustrated ladies in relationships push the notion that to be a single mother one is a super hero.

Reality: Nobody objects that ‘if you find it tough, stand tall for who you believe you are.’ Still, no man is an island. It’s human nature, and you should not get guilty about it. Everyone needs a helping hand and support. It’s not right to forcefully think you can do it alone. You must stay inside a proportional bracket. Single mothers (just like any other person) require support from relatives and friends in within their breath circle.

Misconception #3: Children raised up by single mothers are wild and rowdy. Most people believe that in single motherhood there are no rules nor a solid role model.

Reality: This is not true. Parenting largely depends on the methods that you employ, married or not. It’s a game of psychology. It’s very dynamic. Some single mothers have strict rules for their children. On contrary, some married couples bring up rowdy children because they lack strict rules, waste their parenting time keeping track of their mates and so forth. Parenting skills are not (in anyway) judged by your relationship status.

Misconception #4:  Single mothers are the trouble makers. That, they contribute much to the problems within our society. That’s a school of thought coined by a false prophets’ sect!

44th US President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, the Obama family. Photo/

Reality:  This is untrue. Single mothers have raised great people in the society just like any other parent.  We have neurosurgeons, professors, artists, scientists and many more professionals raised by single mothers. These mothers have the same potential as any other parent, married or not.


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Misconception #5: Being a single mother is not a choice. Most ladies think being a single mother is devastating and some stick to abusive relationships in fear of becoming single mothers.

Reality: Single mothers can live a happy, fulfilled and complete life.

It is very easy to have wrong assumptions about a group of people that you don’t know anything about. The main reason we have many misconceptions about single mothers is because people do not understand what they have been through till they dropped the pretense that most ladies wear in contemporary marriages. Most people are disillusioned by what a section of the media says about these single mothers. It’s time to know them and understand the truth about single parenthood. Life is not science, you have unlimited options to soak what’s thick before you mum.

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