Young And In Love; Meet The 21st Century Couple That Will Disfigure Your Nonsense Relationship


In one of her most prolific speeches, Marian Keyes, an Irish novelist best known for her work in women’s literature said that: “Some think love can be measured by the amount of butterflies in their tummy. Others think love can be measured in bunches of flowers, or by using the words ‘forever.’ But love can only truly be measured by actions. It can be a small thing, such as peeling an orange for a person you love because you know they don’t like doing it.”

True to her words, the testimony of love with actions has become one of too many rarest adventures in this 21st century all thanks to lust, infatuation and sexual escapades. However, despite the normalcy, I’m glad to have witnessed a rare form of an obligation that comes with commitment, sheer determination and persistence as far as love is concerned.

Meet, this week’s power couple Samuel Njoroge and Levine Anyango.

Born and raised in Western Kenya, Mr Njoroge is the 3rd born in a family of five siblings while his girlfriend, Levine Anyango, 1st born in a family of 5 hails from Ngong, Nairobi.  They’ve been an item for three good years.

This humble couple that share preferences in fashion, movie genres and music has set pace for the heartbeat’s race. You know, the ocean tides do not have to always follow the winds-current generation’s trend.

During a candid interview with this Writer, the two confide that they met way back in 2014 when they were still young and naive as far as relationships are concerned.

Love bred at campus

“I met the beautiful Levine in first year during those Campus political campaigns of a friend of mine. He, (my friend) was running for a post while she was part and parcel of the campaign team just as I was.”

“However, in those moments of bumping into each other’s eyes, I realized there was something special about this girl. In her, I saw more than just her infectious smile and how her eyes blinked when she frowned. I spotted an opportunity to win a jackpot for a future that shined bright from her angle. I was in for the challenge. As a result, during selection of people into groups for the purpose of the campaign, I intentionally placed her in my group so that I would get to see her more and know this soft spoken lady even better. Mwanaume ni effort. Right?” says Mr Njoroge amid a generous grin.


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Valentine Mayhem, This is The Plot

Samuel, fondly known as Sammy by friends and family says that Levine’s simplicity is what attracted him to her, her beauty notwithstanding.

“One thing that stood out about her (Levine) was her personality, self-respect and her social nature,” he states.


Levine on her side, confesses that she acted cold on him during their first interactions which changed later.

“He looked more of that ever serious -looking guy who did not joke around or even engage in funny stuffs and that made me develop some cold attitude towards him. Later as our interactions kicked off more, it dawned to me that he had a soft funny side inside of him and that is the beauty of taking time to know someone. Time reveals masks you know. I liked his personality.” she says.

Levine adds, “Sammy’s persistence and honesty was one thing that stood out about him and that made me realize he was different from the rest.”

Asked on what has kept their relationship firm, the couple attributes their loyalty, honesty and trust that they have in each other as the secret.

“Challenges are there in every relationship, and once in a while insecurity issues kick and misunderstandings, but we thank God for we’ve been able to solve such amicably,” they affirm.

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  • Yule Msee Mkenya

    “True love does exist, but what makes most youth not to believe in its existence is the perception instilled in their minds about the kind of love that we see in movies and Soap operas. Those kind of love don’t actually exist, because no one is perfect and no love can be that perfect too. Finding someone who simply loves you for who you are, that is True love.”
    Let me take this home for now. Great article.