Forget Roughtone’s #MunguBaba. That hit has been overplayed now.

Kenrazy, Sosuun and Visita Wesonga presents you the second ‘national anthem’ that is expected to be a habitual rhyme for years to come.

Evidently, the national anthem has no video yet since independence but its successor got one dope video, just released on YouTube a couple of hours ago.  It has already attracted views and comments that shadow the great artistic work the three top showbiz maniacs have put in order to pass the #AMANI message across.

During every electioneering period, many artists emerge with works that pass a peace, unity and tolerance message across without considering how musical their content is. I bet here that this track #AMANI can only be rivaled to American superstars’ #WheresTheLove done by Black Eyed Peas ft. The World or #WeAreTheWorld 25 for Haiti. Oh, yes!

The video is a 4K version, with abundant clarity. It partly reflects our murky past in 2007’s Post Election Violence as director BigJey Cutz depicts how bad our situation was by giving a glimpse of background clips on the events that unfolded then – costing us much, yes much.

The audio production done by Presenter DMike’s Steps Studios makes the hit dwarf most of the tunes on your playlist. Surprising enough, Visita Wesonga’s vocals on the bridge and refrain make you wish the sound engineer could just stick to SINGING! The instrumental is a no doubt mature enough to make our military bands have a newer tune to play during upcoming national events.

The chorus is so sweet, catchy and memorable that all generations will sing to it and I purport even in religious gatherings, it suits the setting. Otherwise, Sosuun introduces the track with a powerful message about “The Kenyan Dream”:

Ndoto Za Kuiona Kenya Iking’aa/

Hospitali Zina matibabu/

Bora Shule Zenye Elimu na Manufaa Inavyofaa/

Ili Itimie, Sote Tunafaa Kujua…”


Valentine Mayhem, This is The Plot

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Then Visita Wesonga chips in with a powerful bridge reminding us that come rain come sunshine, whatever the season, in good or bad condition, we are brothers and sisters. Kenrazy in every stanza pours in the deeper message reminding us that we have really spent a lot building our nation and should therefore safeguard all that is so important to us all, which is our tranquility and coexistence that other countries lack, miss or dream of attaining.

This is a masterpiece that will live for years, a message to our posterity that we’ve bequeathed through music in order to curb the undesirable gross instances we had in our lifetime. Amani naomba iwe nasi especially during this electioneering period! Your vote should be your voice and shield, let’s love each other and make Kenya Great Again and not give room to divisive politics. Watch the video and get its message below.



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