A Kenyan research scientist and political analyst has petitioned the Senate Health Committee to give green light to the use of marijuana in the country.

Gwada Ogot, the petitioner on Thursday told the Wilfred Machage led committee that the law criminalising the drug is defective, Capital reports.

He said: “God has made 430,000 plants, then somebody has banned one. You ask why this one?”

Ogot argued there is a host of much knowledge about the plant that the country could tap in for the benefit of the health of its people besides creating opportunities for employment.

During the session, Vice Chair to the committee, Zipporah Kitonny said there is need for more time to interrogate what Ogot had fronted.

She however indicated the country was not ready to adopt such a course.

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Ogot had argued that Marijuana “is not a narcotic drug.”

He claimed the constitution was not clear on it “because we talk about cannabis sativa but what we have in Kenya is cannabis indica”.

The Senate Health Committee heard that marijuana was far less addictive compared to other commonly used drugs.

“Marijuana leads to dependence in around 9-10 percent of its users, cocaine leads to about 20 per cent and heroine 25 percent.”

“Tobacco is the worst culprit with 30 per cent of its users becoming addicted,” Ogot argued.

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Ogot’s argument has elicited a great debate online, many Twitter users siding with his thought line.

Most tweets on #BhangPetition trend opine that it was time the country legalizes the drug.

Gwada Ogot hails from Siaya County.

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