Six Unique Facts About Nairobi That Will Alter Your Tour Destination Pick

Photo/All Time Safaris

It’s the city under the sun.

Regarded as a key entry point to East Africa region, Nairobi has earned its admirable reputation across the globe due to a number of unique aspects.

It remains to be a city of its kind with various attraction sites for people visiting Kenya.

In January 2017, Nairobi was ranked as the top most dynamic city in the continent by the JLL 2017 City Momentum Index (CMI).

That aside, located at 1.28 latitude and 36.82 longitude, the capital city holds approximately 2,750, 547 people. It is 1,684 meters above sea level.  Nairobi harbors a large number of tourists due to a number of its unique features that we take stock of:

  1. Amazing Weather

Unlike many cities across the world, Nairobi has a moderate weather with temperatures of about 19 degrees Celsius which are favorable to many people.  Some cities experience extreme weather variations.

For instance, in New Dheli (India), during summer residents experience high temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius whereas during winter they experience up to -45 degrees Celsius. This should make Nairobi be one of your tour destination before 2017 falls.

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  1. Business

Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city with rapid economic growth. The city hosts a range of manufacturing and assembly industries that provide employment opportunities to thousands of locals and foreigners. Besides, this industrial stamina enables the city to be considerably self-reliant in supply of basic commodities.

A front view of Two Rivers Mall that is located along Limuru Road.