What gives men without a beard consolation when they are thinking about their future?

It’s horrible to imagine life on that lane.

The fact is the beard tells more of a guy than you might think. They are part of the visible aspects in males that define their masculinity.

It’s some kind of pride. Not only to the males but also to their female companions when handled appropriately.

Growing a thicker beard has been a challenge for many men because once the beard reaches a certain point, itchiness begin. So most get out of control. Then, they rush to trim or shave the beard when it’s too early.

Majorly, these beard problems are caused by a poor diet and improper skin care techniques.

As a result, you get one that looks thin and weak.

Bro, you should know that the beard is associated with masculinity, power, leadership, and ‘male’ wisdom.


The thicker the beard becomes, the more respect it commands.

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Now, these are few tricks that might give you a new beginning as you strive to earn the much rewarding look as a man.

  1. Start Exercising

The first thing you can do to improve the quality of your beard is exercising on a regular basis. This is the solid foundation in which you need to build upon to grow thicker hair, so start by losing some of that excess weight you have.

This will in turn increase testosterone, which promotes healthy follicles and hair growth. The exercise also increases blood circulation which provides all the nutrients the hair needs to grow thicker and stronger.

  1. Reducing Stress

When you are stressing about everything in your life, you increase the cortisol in your body. This will have a negative impact on testosterone development. The stress also can constrict the blood vessel, making it more challenging for the nutrients in the blood to get to the hair follicles.

Start with meditation and let that stress simply melt away. You will be amazed at how much your facial hair will improve after you work at eliminating any stress from your life.

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  1. Getting Your Rest

In order to increase testosterone in the body, your body simply needs to sleep. Sleeping helps the body to regenerate testosterone, especially if you are getting at least 8 hours sleep a night. If you are getting enough sleep, your stress will decrease, and your facial hair will benefit.

Getting 5 hours of sleep can reduce your testosterone production by a staggering 15%, which in turn can result in those patchy areas throughout your beard that never seem to fill in.

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  1. Improve Your Diet

A vitamin-rich diet consists of eating more vegetables. These vegetables are packed with all the minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. Your hair is a protein filament, so the more protein-rich foods you’re consuming the healthier your beard will look.

Some of the foods you should incorporate into your diet are eggs, nuts, and kale. These will increase testosterone production and give your beard that luxurious thicker appearance.

  1. Taking Supplements

Stimulating the growth of facial hair can be as simple as taking supplements in addition to a well-balanced diet. It is important to know that copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E all play crucial roles in growing thicker hair.

The sad truth is most men do not get enough of these in their diet. Incorporating supplements into the diet will have a positive impact on your facial hair, as you will begin to see the quality of the hair improve after changing your diet.

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