Dating Red Flags That Signify Incompatibility


Early stages of a relationship are characterized by lots of excitements, and urge to know as much as you can from your partner.

This stage of dating is very critical and it needs sound observation and judgment on the issues that might affect you in case you make it to the engagement level.

However, many people are carried away by excitement overlooking some of characters that might be red flags. Now a deep dig on some of the red flags you should be keen on when you start dating is here.

S/he is nice to wait staff

You should be very keen on how your new “catch” handles people. If you’ve been taken for a dinner in a restaurant for instance, how does s/he talk to the wait staff?  How does s/he respond to their questions? S/he might be all smiles to you but that’s because they still want to impress you.  How your partner interacts with strangers tells a lot on how you are going to be treated.

Do they push you past your boundaries?

Just because you found love it doesn’t mean you have to do things that you are uncomfortable with. Mostly when you start dating, some people set up some boundaries and promise to keep. However, if your partner keeps ignoring and overstepping your boundaries, that should concern you. If they can’t respect your boundaries, s/he will not respect even your opinions when you get married.