A 55-year-old man got stuck with his sister-in-law while having sex in a Nakuru lodging on Tuesday.

The father of five was busted in the lodge after spending the night with his wife’s sister.

Attendants at the facility said they were attracted by cries from one of the rooms and when they broke the door open found the lovers entangled on the bed.

The man’s wife, Margaret Nabwire, said he had become adulterous so she sought the services of a witch doctor to nab him.

She said she paid a witch doctor Sh40,000 for assistance and managed to catch the husband in the act.

Nabwire said her husband was on a journey to Mombasa from Kisii to buy a matatu that would enable them start a business after they sold their piece of land.

She said it was shameful of him to disrespect his family and get into escapades.

Residents and onlookers milled around the scene to watch the drama unfold as the two were covered in sheets and taken to the witchdoctor.

  • Cluygan Buttler

    Oops! Some men are just a curse!!! That’s how to know the family set up is headed the wrong way.