Sales Voice: How to Get Your Next Job or Promotion


Selling yourself in the job market is about finding your voice. Anyone looking for candidates wants to know what you are, first. And yet, incredibly, when jobseekers are asked this predictable question, they all too often give a useless fluffy answer, or worse, they give their life story.

Do you know what your core message is? Are you communicating that verbally, via your CV, via your LinkedIn profile, via your elevator pitch? Do you even know what you are right now?

Seek to present your skill-set succinctly. You need not to see recruiters and hirers struggle to understand your place in the workforce, and if this happens, they won’t bring their vacancies to you.

Selling yourself starts with getting noticed, and here some advice on how to do just that.

Distil your message down to draw people’s attention to the crucial information first, so that they actually want to learn more about you. Remember: first impressions are incredibly important.

Once you’ve crafted your elevator pitch you should use it at the beginning of your CV/resume and then build the broader message around it.