Welcome to our times, when decisions are made based of what Millennials want.

These are our times. Yes, the 21st century.

Millennials refer to people born between 1982 and 2003. They are commonly known as generation Y, the microwave generation and what not’s. I bet, this clan of humans make the world literally roll. Some of the things that best identifies a millennial is his or her tech savvy attitude, spontaneous habit, impatient character, pragmatic and vocal when it comes to political activities.

In a nutshell, Millennials are the boom and gloom of every situation. It’s their ambition, maybe. You cannot afford to ignore them. In the face of a cloud of silence, you can always smell their attention. Social media tickle their hearts. They are the quickies all over.

However, I have a bone to chew with my fellow flock.

We (Millennials) are a perfect description of dishonesty. It’s unfortunate that we have covered and insured our life goals under an umbrella of lies, fake it till you make it slogan, pretence and hypocrisy. I agree that there’s a difference between lying and withholding information but what we have mastered is the former. It is a cancer that is eating our living-making us just to exist. How sad!

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Just the other day, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) announced that out of 19,611,423 registered voters, 9,930,315 are the youth (18-35 years old) and this tells you how much Millennials are of stake to any Nation. The irony of the situation is that Millennials have always been on the front line complaining of deficiency of good governance, unemployment menace, and political intolerance yet even with their number there is nothing they can do about it.

In fact, when you dig deeper you will be shocked to find out that tribalism is a language well-spoken by Millennials. Their eloquence when it comes to spewing hate speech is superb. Tragic!

We thrive on lust and our selling point is the degree of lies one can tell. /COURTESY

On relationships, we have dismantled what an ideal union should be. We thrive on lust and our selling point is the degree of lies one can tell. The foundation we build our relationships on are weak.

A good percentage of ladies only want to associate their hearts with men whose wallets and fame are on top gear.  On the other hand, their male counterparts are ‘motivated’ by women whose posterior works well with the infamous ‘shake what your mama gave you’ code. Values such are integrity, ambition, hard work, understanding anchored on character have become second class when looking for a partner. No wonder social media platforms are full of ‘tujuane, tujibambe’ conversations which we all know their final destination- bedroom gymnastics.

If a lady is intelligent, knows what she wants and vocal to issues based topics, males of her age group find her ‘undateable‘. On the other end, when a man brings his dreams on table ready to negotiate his interest with a lady, she finds him boring and unreliable. Who is an ideal partner then?

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Contrary to the popular belief that we all need a stable spouse; truth is – what you need is a fine raw material which its pros outweighs the cons and from there you can shape it to your specifications.

“If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never spoil. And one can always come back. If what you had found was only a moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return. Truth cannot be veiled by smoke and mirrors — it will always stand firm. When you’re searching for the “right” decision, it will be the one that withstands the tests of time and the weight of scrutiny,” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

A report by Deloitte suggests, Millennials do want to make the world a better place – 84% consider it to be their duty. However, we are pushed by the need to be popular, to be known and receive a pat on the back. We want the public to know that “yes that was my thought, my idea.” Humility has become an alien term to us.

It is time we go back to the drawing board and restructure our take on life. We must be honest with ourselves as a gate pass to reality. Anything founded on lies is a gateway to shortcut and shortcuts are always dangerous.

As Tabatha Coffey once said,”We have to stand up for what we believe in, even when we might not be popular for it. Honesty starts with being ourselves, authentic and true to who we are and what we believe in, and that may not always be popular, but it will always let you follow your dreams and your heart.”


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