It is time the government of the day gags social media! Yes, you heard me right. Look, Kenyans have reached to the edge where self analysis and emotional intelligence have hit rock buttom. We can no longer make honourable decisions on what to post or not. The volcano has erupted and the control mechanism has to be put in place thus my call for action.

It’s an open knowledge that social media is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. As much as we cannot underpin its pros, it’s time to roll the coin and see where the weight outsmarts us.

Barely 23 days to elections and the madness ongoing on different social media platforms is venomous, all thanks to the freedom of speech and expression as bestowed by our constitutional rights.

You see, we are having a clan of sadists and hate mongers sitting behind their keyboards spreading hate and polarising the country.

It’s sickly that with all the security measures put on place, it’s still very difficult to trace down the culprits. I think we don’t have substantial laws governing use and misuse of social media.

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Why we need not to wait

For the sake of sanity and well-being of Kenyans, it’s prudent for the government to act on speed and prevent what might cause the unthinkable.