NDERITU: Of Kenyan Polls And Her Hypocritical Electorates

Kenyan electorate casts vote in a past poll exercise. The country heads to a second general election under the new constitution. Photo/AllAfrica

We are hypocrites. We pretend to fight for change but still walk around bearing complain sheet in our sleeve.

We thrive under ‘mtu wetu syndrome’, speak tribalism with fluency, get moved by those we consider popular and famous, give attention to those who have milked us dry. To those who have depleted the future of our generations, we love them even more.

To the majority that keep polarising the country because their self-interest supersedes the gravity of oneness, harmony, peace, love and unity as enshrined in our flag, we tag them as our heroes.

Our argument rotates under who steals more, who breaks the chain of humanity more easily and who blinds us with thousands the moment we attack those we differ on ideologies because s/he ordered so.

Silly us. We are Kenyans. How quick do we forget?

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Look, we are not devoid of leaders and so do not tell me the forest has been burnt completely. No, we see them every day. We’ve heard of them and even interacted with their policies. They are boring, their crowd isn’t intimate and they do not give us money like the rest, we tell ourselves blindly. Granted, we keep losing, gnashing our teeth with bitterness and complain even more but since complaining isn’t a conversation we get stuck on our routine. Status quo activated!

We have the power to turn around things yet we still dilly dally in the knots of conformity. This bitter relationship is pleasurable, we whisper to each other. S/he is our own, we run with that slogan. Yet, we have the key to the city of gain, prosperity, equity and much more.