Peaceful existence, cohesion and integration is a process that should be established collectively. PHOTO/COURTESY

It’s an interesting season for Kenyans. Elections are at hand.

Elections in our land have grown into a great phenomenon, one that nearly halts every component of societal progress. It’s an aspect that enslaves our dignity as rational creatures.

Well, history has more than enough to help us reason. Yet, no one even from the top contenders in the upcoming August poll seems to worry much with the aggressive intolerance across the country. It sounds okay, maybe it’s the Kenyan way.

During the last six months or so, the economy has developed numbness. That still has failed to provoke the elite clan too, save for the political class. Instead of setting the agenda, they say “it’s our culture”, or business cycle where we mean business for three years, literally picking up one year  after elections and freezing operations one year to elections. It’s still okay.

We’ve allowed our elections to be hinged on personalities and more sickening, our tribal identities. From voter registration process to campaign seasons-tribe is our playground. Manifestos and action plans are just but tactical tools to pool some excitement from the voters (who even take little or no effort at all to question the said manifestos). But who cares really?

Our concern? Strongholds, yes that’s our recipe for governance. In this way, we feel secure-ready for the tribe based tackle.

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