The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO, Ezra Chiloba has for the first time addressed reports suggesting that he is marrioed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s relative.

In an interview with Business, Chiloba a lwayer by profession dismissed the reports linking him to the Kenyatta’s.

“Well, as much as it might be flattering it’s not true. I have no relations with the Kenyattas. You know when I was appointed, they said I was appointed because of Jomo Gecaga, a guy I’ve never met in my life. When the ballot paper thing came up, they said oh, it was Chiloba and Muhoho who fixed this stuff. Never met these guys in my life! Never met the president one-on-one,” Chiloba said.

Chiloba came into the limelight last week during the presidential election results announcement, something that made him one of the most searched personalities on Google.

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He added tha he was shocked when he saw photo shopped images of him during a wedding.

“I saw pictures the other day of me and a lady in a wedding line-up who is supposedly my wife. That’s not my wife. I was in a wedding two years ago as the best man and the lady—an MP’s wife, was the best maid.” Chiloba said.

On election preparation and delivery, Chiloba said he was sure that IEBC had done its best.