What You Must Know on Kenya’s Plastic Ban


Kenyan government has stated that there will be no change on plastic ban deadline set for Monday.

Even with incessant protests from manufacturers of the bags, the Environment Ministry says the state is set to enforce the law on plastic bags.

Principal Secretary to the Ministry Charles Sunkuli on Wednesday stated that requisite measures have been put in place to deal with those who violet the legal provision.

“This ban will not be postponed. We as a Ministry are ready to effect the ban,” Sunkuli said.

Manufacturers had lamented of massive losses provoking concerns of job loss once the ban is put into effect.

The ban on the use of plastic bags for both domestic and commercial use was announced through a Gazette Notice dated February 28, this year.

Sunkuli cited that they would hunt down manufacturers of plastic bags to lock the source before dealing with the common citizen.

“All those who have factories to manufacture the plastic bags will be our first target,” he said.