Hassan Omar’s Remarks Leave NASA Disjointed

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar. /THE BIG ISSUE

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has launched an attack on Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka over claims of betrayal in the contest for county’s top job.

Few days after tendering his resignation as Wiper secretary general, Omar now says Wiper Party’s leadership is “weak and fluid”.

Omar questioned his former boss’s stand on Mombasa gubernatorial race.

“You don’t know whether Kalonzo is supporting Joho or me. When he (Kalonzo) speaks from the airport, he is taken to the bedroom by people who oppose us (Joho). How foolish does he think we are?” he posed.

A frustrated Omar revealed that he was not going to support the opposition in the October presidential poll.

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The Star quoted him; “Right now he is hanging on the ballot. I am not a fool…I know which party I need to join. How smart does he think he is?”