NASA presidential candidate now says there will be diversity in political “Canaan”.

Responding to viral memes on how the Canaan set up will be, Mr Odinga told SDE that when Kenyans make fun of the Canaan narrative, it meant they believed in it.

Here’s is NASA’s leader’s video (Courtesy of KTN News) comment on the Canaan memes.

Raila Odinga likened himself to Biblical Joshua who took the children of Israel to their promised land Canaan. He argues that his outfit will deliver Kenyans from alleged rampant corruption and other socio-political ills perpetrated by the ruling Jubilee government.

His competitors on the Jubilee side have dismissed Mr Odinga’s outfit as one that has no agenda for the Kenyan people besides being guided by an insatiable crave for power but not service.

The country heads to a presidential repeat poll on October 17.

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