Aisha hunted down Marjan, just to discover later that he had crushed on her greatly. /COURTESY

A woman can be sexually attractive, beautiful and charming. A woman can be a man’s mirror and all that makes the world spin. However, there is nothing that can come close to what confidence equates to a woman. A confident woman epitome’s world’s biggest asset.

Confidence is all you need.

Approximately seven years ago, Aisha Hussein Hassan wore her usual sleeve of confidence and astute on what was meant to be a random game and made her first move to Abdulrahman Marjan, her current husband. Contrary to popular belief that men are normally supposed to be the hunters, the self-proclaimed foodie went forth against the society’s norms and proved to her friends that she was the gem, the woman who knew what she wanted.

“I did meet Marjan through a mutual friend. We had made a bet with my friends that if I get him to go out with me they will do whatever I wanted. This is because they had information that he never wanted to date anyone from Maseno (university) and so they threw the challenge to me,” she narrates.

“Since I had never been turned down before, I was more confident that this was an easy target and thus embarked on a journey to win him over. Funny thing is that he had a secret crush on me that his friends knew nothing about and this made my bet much easier than anticipated. I won the bet of course, after a while. What started out as a joke and a mere bet made me fall in love with him in ways I could not fathom!”

Magic night

“I always thank God- I made the first move”, Aisha continues,

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