Former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma has revealed reasons behind his exit from opposition side NASA.

Dr Otuoma, who unsuccessfully vied against Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong on Monday declared support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

He joins NASA leader Raila Odinga’s former lieutenants to join the Jubilee vessel as the country heads to a repeat presidential poll.

The former ODM vice chairperson who broke ranks with Mr Odinga after the chaotic ODM primaries in April this year crying foul of being rigged out by Mr Ojaamong. He said the Orange party sympathised with his opponent even after the nominations were largely ‘flawed.’

The former legislator vied against the incumbent through an independent ticket but lost in the August poll.

Now Dr. Otuoma believes that Busia county will deliver over 100,000 votes for President Kenyatta in the October election.

In the August election Mr Odinga garnered 240 416 votes ahead of President Kenyatta’s 34 496 votes in the county.

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Otuoma said he consulted largely before ditching Mr Odinga’s side.

“We took our time and came up with this decision. We are not mad. From today, we are going to determine our own destiny,” he said.

Dr Otuoma accused Mr Odinga of seeking selfish political gains with a plot to divide the people of Busia.

“You call yourself a national leader but you come here and divide us. Shame on you.”

He added that no matter what Mr Odinga would do, President Kenyatta would be re-elected.

“Whether you threaten, throw tantrums or imagine violence, Kenyans shall vote Uhuru Kenyatta again,” he said.

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