DP Ruto Explains How Court Tyranny Befell Jubilee

Deputy president William Ruto has expressed a harsh disapproval on the Supreme Court ruling that annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August victtory.

Speaking a day after the ruling was given comprehensively, DP Ruto said the verdict was an act of tyranny by the court, something that is “totally unacceptable”.

The DP said the ruling, which was read yesterday, left Kenyans with more questions than answers, as the judges who had all the documents did not go through them to check the facts.

“The court said yesterday they had no problem with numbers: you won fair and square. If numbers had no problem, even these forms which were said [to have] had no serial, signature and rubber stamp were okay, then why annul the Presidential election?” the Deputy President asked.

The Deputy President added that to claim that a voter’s decision had to be qualified by the Judiciary before it counted was to give way to judicial tyranny.