DP Ruto Speaks on ‘Strange’ Raila Plan Ahead of Presidential Poll Re-run

Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed opposition leader Raila Odinga’s calls for talks over the election deadlock.

Mr Odinga, NASA presidential candidate pulled out of the October 26 repeat elections on Tuesday September 10.

On Wednesday, the former premier told Radio Jambo that he was ready for talks with Uhuru Kenyatta to clear the current differences over the election process.

“We need to solve our own problems and I am ready to hold talks with anyone so that we can get a solution to the current stalemate,” Odinga stated.

Later in the day however, DP Ruto said Odinga wanted to get leadership through “short cuts”.

“We will not accept shortcuts to power. Whoever wants to lead Kenyans should subject himself to the people,” he stated while in Kajiado.

He said recent defections by NASA leaders to Jubilee Party across the country was a clear indication that the opposition would not win the fresh election.

DP Ruto said Odinga’s withdrawal from the repeat poll was an option to avoid defeat but the court ruling that allowed inclusion of Thirdway Alliance party presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot in the fresh elections, invalidated his attempts to withdraw from the race.