Gospel musician Daddy Owen has explained why she is against her fellow gospel star Gloria Muliro re-marrying.

Speaking to a local daily, Daddy Owen who got married last year, gave some advice on what she thinks about marriage.

According to Owen, it is not proper for a gospel musician to remarry again once he or she divorces.

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He said that one should remain single until death and that’s the kind of life Gloria should deal with.

“If a gospel singer’s spouse dies, one can remarry because it was not their decision for that to happen but when one divorces, that one should never marry  because it was their decision like the case Gloria Muliro, she should not go back to being married. You should stay like that till you die,” Daddy Owen was quoted.

Muliro divorced her ex-husband Congolese pastor Eric Omba two years ago.

The once iconic gospel couples had the nasty break up after five years of marriage.