Television actor and singer Nick Mutuma is a lad under siege after claims pitting him in a sexual assault chain emerged online on Friday.

A Twitter user identified as Koome Gitobu shocked many with a revolting revelation about actor Mutuma.

In a blow by blow account, Koome describes how the actor cum singer sexually assaulted his girlfriend about a year ago saying her friend was forced to choke on the pain in fear of Nick Mutuma’s stature in the art industry.

He says that the fear of her girlfriend stirred his explosive public revelation.

“And I think this is what has me the most upset. That people like Nick Mutuma can sexually harass girls and get away with it. Because they’re so afraid to speak up against a “bigwig” in society. Afraid that him & his friends can come after her and destroy her reputation,” he said.

A broadcast of tweets seen by Update, indicts actor Mutuma for failing to respect the refusal from the girlfriend. Koome says the accused even followed the girlfriend to her car and groped her.

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But Kenyans on Twitter had a digest over the matter and here are their thoughts;

However, the actor has denied all allegations.

He said; “I entirely deny the story that is currently circulating about me. I’m extremely distressed that I’m being linked to this. I am passionate about creating an environment where women feel and are safe and respected”

Koome had earlier denied any ill motives behind the controversy.

“What do I want?, he asked, adding “I’m not trying to ruin Nick’s career. I’m trying to hold another man accountable for the way he has treated women. For violating their trust in him. For making them be afraid to be near him, left alone with him.”