Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. /CAPITAL

New revelations now indicate that a Jubilee Party MP candidate fraudulently won his seat through vote buying.

Ruling Jubilee Party election agent from Buuri constituency in Meru County has admitted to buying 800 votes by paying vulnerable voters Shs2000 for their identity cards.

Mr Erick Murithi Muthinja told the court that he appreciated the fact that there were some Meru County residents who were not keen to support Jubilee Party’s candidate.

The Standard reports Mr Muthinja told Justice Anne Ong’injo: “as a die-hard supporter of the petitioner, I knew the potential voters to approach”.

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Mr Muthinja made the confession while testifying in an election petition filed by Party of National Unity (PNU) candidate Mugambi Angaine, who protested Rindikiri Mugambi’s win.

The August 8 elections has witnessed numerous court petitions challenging the credibility of the process at different levels.

It is a poll exercise that the Opposition outfit NASA has criticised widely especially on the presidential vote.

They still maintain that Raila Odinga’s votes were stolen through technological means thus denying him victory.

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