Attorney General Githu Mugai has come out to give reasons why the People’s Assembly is illegal.

AG Muigai’s statement comes after a dozen of NASA allied county assemblies passed motions approving the formation of the assemblies.

So far 12 counties have adopted the motion, with Machakos being the latest.

Speaking on Thursday, Muigai stated that the Kenyan constitution does not recognize The People’s Assembly.

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“The People’s Assembly is an institution totally unknown to the constitution of Kenya and totally unknown to the County Governments Act,” Muigai said.

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He further stated that the Kenyan National Assembly has not delegated its duties to any entity.

“Parliament has not delegated any such power and the consequence for that is that those institutions are unconstitutional, illegal and are null and void,” Muigai said.

The AG added that all persons participating in passing the People’s Assembly motions were acting in the contempt of court as the Kitui high court ordered halt of the process.

NASA has resolved to use the People’s Assembly to ensure the government conducts reforms in the country’s electoral system.

NASA is planning to swear in leader Raila Odinga on December 12 a move the state has termed as treason and is punishable by death.

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