NASA leader Raila Odinga. /BBC

The National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga has vowed to soldier on with his inauguration plan, slamming the US over calls for dialogue and constitutional adherence.

Odinga maintains that he does not recognise Uhuru Kenyatta as the country’s president and that his oath will rely on the August 8 election results.

The Opposition believes the August 8 poll results “obtained from IEBC servers” gave them an edge over Uhuru Kenyatta with over one million, four hundred thousand votes.

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“We don’t recognise the swearing-in (Uhuru Kenyatta’s). We will go by the results of August 8 elections in which Kenyans expressed their will,” Odinga said.

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Through its Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Donald Yamamoto, the US had asked Odinga to abandon his Tuesday inauguration plan and instead embrace dialogue efforts with his political nemesis Uhuru Kenyatta.

Donald Yamamoto called for “immediate, sustained, open and transparent national conversation” on the current impasse.

The US government statement further said; “The US urges Opposition leaders to work within Kenya’s laws to pursue the reforms they seek and to avoid extra constitutional actions such as the proposed inauguration ceremony on December 12.”

A visibly angry Odinga on Thursday morning asked the Donald Trump administration to stop meddling in Kenyan internal affairs.  He stated that Kenyans had the capacity to solve their own problems without US’s advice to constitutionalism.

“We will not be intimidated. Our friends can advise us but they should not shout at us about violating of the constitution,” Odinga pronounced.

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The former prime minister was addressing the press when he joined families of those who died in police-protesters confrontation during his return from the US on Friday November 17 and during an aborted NASA memorial meeting at Jacaranda Grounds in Embakasi East constituency on November 28.