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Parenting is a nightmare for many parents in the 21st century. With rapid growth in technology, raising a child increasingly remains a dynamic and complicated process that many parents are struggling to perfect.

In every family set-up, one can choose either to raise a child or grow one. The former is everyone’s desired goal, for it yields a good breed of social change makers at all levels.

How then can we go about this? Here are four tips to spur your child-rearing efforts.

Display positivity

It’s always easy to criticize other people. In many occasions, we don’t look at the positive side but rather question the negative things people do. Have you ever asked yourself how you would feel if your boss came complaining to you every day, even when you’ve done your best? It feels bad. Right? Your children share the same feeling when you keep scolding them and nagging about small things they have not done or did not do.

I agree that parenting is a challenging venture, but a compliment will make your children have a better attitude towards their abilities and capabilities. For instance, if your child made his/her bed in the morning, tell him/her; “I like the way you’ve made your bed.” Observe them as they play, tell them “I observed you play. And you’re very patient with your friends”. Such statements go a long way in boosting the child’s confidence.

Nurture your child’s self-esteem

Children see themselves through the eyes of their parents. The way you react to different situations play a significant role in your child’s self-esteem development. Your body language, facial expressions and even the tone of your voice is absorbed by your kids. These attributes can influence your child’s self-esteem positively or negatively.

Praising your child’s achievements, however young they might be, makes your children more confident and courageous to do even better. It also builds their sense of independence. They gain the courage to do things with little or no assistance.

Be compassionate, choosing your words carefully to avoid hurting and discouraging your child’s efforts. Whenever your child does something wrong, correct them with love.  Let them understand that everyone makes mistakes, but they should not repeat the same mistakes in future.

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Create time for your kids

With the current economic struggle, many parents spend most of their time working and toiling to get money to pay their bills and provide better lives for their children. However, although money is very important for survival, it’s very critical to always make time for your children and family as a whole.

According to a research done by Duke University Medical School, babies with attentive and affectionate mothers grow up to be more resilient, happier and less anxious adults.

Take time from your busy schedule to take breakfast with your children, have a walk with them in the evening after work and share day’s experiences. Children who lack parental attention tend to have bad behaviors – seeking attention. Spending more time with your child not only help to monitor their growth but also strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

Be a role model to your kids

Children pick most of the traits from their parents. As young as they might be, they learn most of the things from what their seniors do or how they act during different situations. You’ll be surprised when your child starts liking the things that you love. The way you react when you are angry is the same way your children are likely to respond, so you better be a role model to them.

Cultivate and model the traits that you’d like to see in your children. Be kind, show mercy, show love, compassion, tolerance, honesty and teach them to do good things expecting no reward. Most importantly, treat your children the way you’d like to be treated by people, and you’ll be bringing up great personality in your offspring.

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