There shall never be "the right time" for anything. /Photo:

Whoop whoop whoop!!!

I’m now old enough to eat two cakes at a sitting. I know you thought I’d mention something related to relationships and the likes but woe unto you! You just failed the opening C.A.T for 2018. Yeah!

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday on January 5 and it was great for lack of a better word. One thing we can’t dispute is that the food was in plenty and the love was of course overflowing. I felt special. We all desire to feel special every single second that passes. Don’t we? After all, what lasts forever than what melts our hearts? You tell me…

Here’s a quick one learned along the way:

Don’t just dream, work for it

We all have dreams – bigger and scaring ones. We’ve been told a million times to dream but few fail to mention the need to work towards that dream. Most of us have for the better of our lives used more words than acts to describe our dreams. We talk too much and work less. I have learned that hash tags don’t change situations unless there’s an action accompanying it. Long inspiration post alerts with lots of vocabulary devoid of action results to verbal diarrhea.

People talk, ignore them

Whoever you are and whatever you do; people will always talk about you. It’s a given reality so let’s not argue about this. Most often, people talk because you’re relevant. Most probably, you have something they don’t have that’s why their lips can’t rid you. So stop this habit of concentrating on what is on the streets. Instead of wasting time growing defensive handle the bunch of responsibilities on your laps. Keep doing your thing.

Time waits no man

Jeez! It’s just the other day I was in primary school. How time flies still remains a mystery to me. So value each second you have. Do what you’ve always wanted to do now because someday you might realize that you don’t have enough time and that would hurt.  Many have died; younger, beautiful, handsome, sassy, philosophical, and much more than you are. Simply, they were way better. So by having this moment alive use it well. Life and death is separated by just a glimpse of time. Anything can happen anytime. We don’t have a manual on how to live this life neither do we have a schedule on when and how our time will elapse. We’re clueless but hopeful.  We’re human being watched over by a super being so let’s do our part and leave the rest to Him.

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Don’t postpone love

You don’t have to be in a relationship to love someone. Love people free and from a distance if it’s that bad. Given a chance, don’t second guess amazing experiences with people just because you think the timing is not appropriate. Look, don’t let those experiences fade away because you heard people say that time is everything. Well, there has never been “the right time” for anything. Anytime is a good time. I am not trying to elude that you need to say goodbye to your brain and put it on the boot of your head, no. I am a devotee of common sense, so use it accordingly.

The future is self-employment

Forget employment and think outside the box. I’m employed somewhere but I also decided to start my own business which is the best decision I made in 2017. Wait, I’m the person to talk to when you need cereals and also quality undies for both males and females. I just advertised myself. Lol!

Back to business.

You can create self employment by pursuing and turning your passion into an economic venture. /Photo: Courtesy

This culture of seeking formal employment and believing that life can’t be better unless you have a monthly salary need to stop. This is the biggest challenge facing millennials. It’s time to be your own boss. Find out what you like and structure towards making it an economic zone.

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Again, be with the right circle, people better than you. Someone who adds value in your life. I wouldn’t have ventured into business were it not for a friend’s advice. Apparently, God was changing my mindset and formatting it via a new friend. Yeah! Manna won’t be dropped on your head to pick it. God sends people, situations and challenges your way to act as a springboard for your next lifetime opportunity. Embrace them and stay open-minded. All the best!