Mombasa City.
Mombasa is a top tourist destination to those who want to explore Kenya. /Photo: Soft Kenya

The pride of Mombasa as an island could soon be wiped away after the United Nations threatened to delist the Coastal city as a protected island.

New details reveal that the UN move is due to massive land reclamation witnessed in the county under Governor Hassan Joho’s watch.

National Land Commission chairman Prof Muhammad Swazuri said land reclamation was turning the island into a peninsula, further warning that the action had to be put on halt.

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NLC Chairman Mohammed Swazuri.
NLC Chairman Mohammed Swazuri. /Photo: Capital FM

Reporting this on Friday, Standard quotes Prof Swazuri who said the ongoing reclamation was defacing the historical status of the island, which provoked the UN.

“Mombasa must be preserved. Reclamation of the ocean is affecting the natural flow of water into the creek therefore altering the geographical status of Mombasa into a peninsular. The UN conducts an audit on islands annually and it threatened to delist Mombasa,” Swazuri said.

The NLC chairman called on the National Museums of Kenya to move with haste and stop the said reclamation before things go south.

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) appreciates Mombasa in its 209,000 designated marine and terrestrial protected areas in the world.

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Fort Jesus
A section of the historical Fort Jesus. /Photo: TripAdvisor

If de-listed as a protected Island, Mombasa’s stature as a natural tourist destination among many of the foreign persons it receives could be threatened.

Governor Joho had approved the construction of a seawall to protect Fort Jesus from the rising tides that were eroding the historical site.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. / Photo: Courtesy

Joho has expressed equal concern to the UN threat by vowing to stop further land reclamation.

“We approved the construction of a seawall, but we will not allow land reclamation in that area. The wanton reclamation of land from the ocean at Kibarani is something I will not allow to continue,” the Mombasa county boss said.