An emotive NASA supporter in a past rally. /Photo: Courtesy

A section of the National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters have sent a stern warning to alleged political brokers in the Opposition outfit for taking the Raila Odinga swearing in for granted.

ODM Party youth supporters stormed Orange House to lodge their concern over the ceremony.

The irate youth claimed Odinga’s handlers and other leaders within the Opposition were scheming for cash reimbursements at the expense of the swearing in of Mr. Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka as ‘People’s President and deputy president respectively.

NASA has slated the controversial swearing in for January 30, 2017.

But the irate youth claimed that there were NASA insiders using the opportunity to negotiate with the ruling Government for money and top positions in a bid to compromise the swearing-in plan.

For them, the deaths of Opposition supporters in election related protests was not going to be cured by anything less than the inauguration of the NASA leader as planned.

A video that surfaced online depicts youths in a Sheng leaning code saying;

“Sisi kama vijana wa NASA tumeona kuna mchezo inaendelea hapa. Hii mambo ya Raila kula Bibilia kila siku hatutaki. Sasa mambo ya 30th tunaskia kuna mabroker wanapiga deal huko juu.” (Translated: We, the NASA youths have witnessed petty schemes in this swearing in plan. We don’t want to see Raila holding the Bible through mock oaths. We have information that internal brokers in NASA are striking deals with Jubilee…)

“Tunataka kuambia waheshimiwa wako ndani ya NASA hiyo ujinga mnatuletea…watu walikufa hapa Nairobi ya NASA na sasa nyinyi mnapiga negotiations huko mnataka kuchukua pesa na watu wetu walikufa. Tunataka tuwaambie, tutadeal na nyinyi perpendicularly.” (Translated: We are warning all NASA leaders, we won’t accept any compromise. Our people died here in Nairobi but you want to exchange that with negotiations. We will deal with you perpendicularly.)

Watch the video courtesy of Twitter user (Duncan Makori)

The latest reactions from the youths come in the backdrop of similar criticism from former kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale who downplayed a recent event in Kakamega town where the area senator Cleophas Malala handed Raila Odinga was a Bible with an intention of having him take oath.

NASA leader Raila Odinga is set to take his oath as ‘People’s President on January 30. /Photo: Courtesy

“I personally believed that swearing in Raila Odinga was a serious, formal & dignified solemn national issue, complete with constitutional & legal protocol. Now with these senators purporting to conduct the exercise in Kakamega, Kenyans must be forgiven if they take us for jokers!” he stated in a tweet.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper party has raised reservations ahead of the swearing in plans.

The party cancelled the upcoming People’s Assembly event in Machakos county set to take place over the weekend of Saturday, January 13 demanding that their party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka lead the opposition in talks with the government before Raila’s swearing in.

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Local media reported that Wiper legislators and their National Executive Council said the Assembly will not proceed as scheduled until talks were held between Kalonzo, NASA leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.