Former Nairobi Governor aspirant Miguna Miguna is a man with steel balls, if his firm stand on several political situations in the country is anything to rely on.

A former Raila Odinga aide, Miguna for at least half a decade before the 2017 election season was known to be at crossroads with the NASA leader.

In 2012, Miguna Miguna, unveiled his much anticipated book Peeling Back the Mask on Jul 14. In the book, a political memoir, Miguna painted the office Raila Odinga as the prime minister in the 2008-2012 grand coalition government as a place where officials openly cut deals. He remained unapologetic, with his sharpest comments against his former boss (Raila Odinga). In the 21 chapter book, Miguna dismissed Raila Odinga as a doubled faced politician who could not be trusted.

The controversial lawyer however stirred Kenyans in 2017 when he fiercely defended the then National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga and the opposition’s agenda.  He has continued to side with the Opposition until this day.

He labelled Raila Odinga- a “patriot” while Uhuru Kenyatta’s side- “merchants of impunity who shoot, maim and kill” after killings that largely affected pro-opposition protesters were witnessed during the heated political season.

Police were accused of using excessive force and inflicting brutality on unarmed protesters.

Miguna believes the Jubilee administration under President Uhuru Kenyatta is a rogue one, and Raila Odinga deserves every trust from Kenyans as his victory was stolen.

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In his recent online attacks, Miguna criticized the Thirdway Alliance party leader and former presidential candidate Dr Ekuru Aukot for “copy pasting” Raila Odinga’s plan for an alternative cabinet even as President Uhuru Kenyatta skirts through the waves of completing the naming of his second term executive team.

Miguna’s current bromance with the NASA leader has openly caught the attention of many, including Dr. Ekuru Aukot who suggests Miguna is hunting some political job in Odinga’s Nyanza stronghold and thus he has to dance to Raila Odinga’s best political tune.

This was after a nasty tweef between the two Doctors-Dr. Ekuru and Dr. Miguna.

Reason? The originality of the shadow cabinet tactic.

A screenshot of Ekuru Aukot and Miguna Miguna exchanges online.
A screenshot of Ekuru Aukot and Miguna Miguna exchanges online.

Ekuru Aukot’s call for applications for his 22 man shadow cabinet has received warm responses from Kenyans.

Thirdway Alliance wrote on its Twitter page: “We are encouraged by the response that we have received from Kenyans willing to join the Shadow Cabinet and Advisors so far .The applications are coming in thick and fast .Keep sending your CV to before or on January 30, 2018.”

Dr Ekuru’s party plans to use the cabinet to keep President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government in check even as his fierce rival Raila Odinga moots his own swearing-in planned for January 30 at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park.

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