CS Fred Matiang'i and President Uhuru Kenyatta. /Twitter

Acting Education CS Fred Matiang’i has asked all schools to comply with the law requiring them to paint their buses in yellow by Friday March 30, 2017.

Further, Dr. Matiang’i reiterated government order that call for school buses to operate between 6 am to 6 pm. Besides, all school buses must be fitted with safety belts to reduce the rising accidents that involves buses carrying school going children.

He said: “We have a law in place which was enacted last year that requires all school buses to be painted yellow and therefore by 30th of March no school bus should have a different colour from that.”

The CS gave the directive while addressing officials from both the education and interior ministries. The directive is in tandem with the Traffic and Amendment act of 2016 passed by the National Assembly.

The regulations underscored the need for school buses to be yellow and names written in black.

Other vehicles that regularly transport schoolchildren but are not school buses are, however, exempted from the stringent rules but will be required to adhere to traffic rules.

Persons who contravenes the new provisions will be liable for a fine not exceeding Sh30,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months, or both.

Why have all school buses yellow?

Scientists have found that people are able to see yellow objects in their peripheral field 1.24 times better than red. Unlike red, yellow has an illuminating nature that makes it more easily noticed in a dark environment.

This is one of the major reasons school bus yellow was chosen, even in the United States. The black lettering on yellow is the easiest color combination for drivers to see in the darkness of early morning when students are being picked up for school for instance.