5 useful ways to use Skrill

Skrill is a London-based service provider that enables payment over the internet. We show 5 options on how to use Skrill.

Since the breakthrough of the Internet, more and more online payment options have established themselves alongside Skrill. Nowadays it is almost unimaginable to live in a world where you cannot easily and conveniently transfer and receive money from all corners of the world.

Quite apart from the fact that this business has received a complete breakthrough with smartphones.

A future without cash is no longer a SF novel?

Funny considering the term credit card was first coined 1887, by author Edward Bellamy in his Science fiction novel “A look back from the year 2000 to the year 127″ was used. At that time, this was still regarded as a veritable utopia. Bellamy described a future in which cash would no longer exist. Well, it seems the author wasn’t that wrong after all.


In the last thirty years more and more online payment methods have emerged. One of these is Skrill. It is a company that originated in England. The service was launched in 2001 for the first time under the name Moneybookers.

In less than twenty years, this company achieved tremendous success. It is estimated that more than 150 million transactions are now made with Skrill in a year.

Now what are the 5 most useful ways to Application of Skrill?

Before we top 5 ways mentioning the use of Skrill, it is important to let you know that you only need an email address. In addition, opening an account is free.

Paysafecash to use. Please do not confuse Paysafecash with the Paysafecard. The service provider Paysafecash has been around since 2018. It enables offline and online payments to be made. The customer makes a purchase in a webshop store (e.g. some petrol stations or tobacconists) and receives a QR code. As soon as he has received this, he can have it scanned in a partner branch and thus pay.

The online payment is actually quite simple. Simply open a Skrill account and download the app. This allows you to make money transfers online without having to rely on your own bank. Paying out to the bank takes seconds. For example, one can make a deposit with Skrill in online casinos, other gaming sites as well as online shops.

On Service, many options

When transferring money via Skrill-Ewallet the same applies. Open an account and download the app, both with Google Play and the App Store. You can send money in over 40 currencies either by email, by bank transfer or by e- transfer wallet. The choice is up to the user.

For the most loyal customers there is also Knect, a loyalty program. Every time a Skrill customer wants to transfer money, they can earn loyalty points that can be turned into prizes or gifts. There are only two requirements to become a Knect customer. The first is that the Knect program is available in the country where the customer is located. Of course, you also need to have a Skrill account. Signing up for Knect is also free.

Cryptocurrencies. In this case, too, Skrill gives its users the opportunity to buy, hold or convert cryptocurrencies easily and conveniently. You can be there in five easy steps. The first step is to upload the fiat currency that you want to convert. Payment options are offered via 40. After that, simply select the “Trade” tab on the home page.

Skrill strongly recommends that you are aware of the risks and only then to accept the user conditions. Once these steps are done, one has to choose which cryptocurrency one wants to buy. To do this, you enter how much you want to spend and, in the last step, check all the data you have entered again. Then confirm and you’re good to go.

As you can see, Skrill gives you many safe and fast ways to send and receive money from almost anywhere in the world. But not only that. You are also offered to purchase cryptocurrencies.

This of course comes with its risks, which Skrill draws your attention to. Everyone now has the choice of whether, how and when to use this payment service provider.


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