7 key leadership lessons we learned from ELNET Kenya Ethics Conference & Awards 2018

Peter Robinson, CEO Mountain Equipment Co-op once said Ethics is the new competitive environment.

True to his words, the admirable success of many businesses in the public and private sector is strategically hinged on the willingness to deliberately grow an ethical environment both at the management and junior circles.

Although the original ethical persona in the governance and corporate landscape in Kenya continues to fall prey to the contemporary depravity of character, the country’s hopes to the true sovereignty of its destiny are alive. Thanks to the Executive Leadership Network (ELNET) Kenya for its Ethics Conference and Awards initiative.

In its event that took place on Friday, June 29 at Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi; Larry Mosa led ELNET Kenya held a momentous session that brought together key leaders in the governance and business landscape to interact on how to grow into ethical leaders and how they can spearhead and sustain Kenya’s holistic transformation – based on enduring values.

Fusion Capital Group and ESRI Eastern Africa took home the Ethical Business Award, after a rigorous assessment. Fusion Capital Group CEO, Daniel Kamau and Judah Arap Bett, Esri Eastern Africa MD bagged the Ethical Leader Award 2018.

Here are the seven integral lessons we picked from the ELNET Kenya Conference and Awards 2018;

1.Fact is; ethical leadership and ethical business are possible even in Kenya. This hope is very critical for our nation’s development and good work ethics. Refraining from believing that by being ethical we are disadvantaged is a primary attitude to change. The concept of doing things in a crooked way for you to succeed is not true. Lastingly doing what is right, will catapult you to success with significance.

2.To build a nation requires the efforts of many people. If we have many lights, we’ll dispell the darkness more effectively. Even in the perceived hostile business environment, we are to build examples, develop and build companies and businesses that are dominant, prominent and lasting. Seek to carry yourself in a desirable way to make others imitate us.

3.What you believe in makes you. Creating a lasting value requires you to change the fundamental belief system. Translate your behaviour into action. Culture is created by doing. You can do this by writing down your “do” and “do not” lists to engage your true self in this course.

4.You are chosen to be there for someone. Be a perpetual mentor for that person. You need to be available for someone who needs you. As you seek to transform one to be who they are truly made to be, you may learn a dime or two but the most important thing is to own the knowledge.

5.Business leaders need to engrave law and order in their corporate processes to avert chaos.

6.Virtues like good leadership, courage, integrity, stellar performance and ethics know no gender. Whether you are a woman or a male, mastering your trade will definitely keep you winning.

7.What we’re facing ethically in Kenya is more of a spiritual problem. Even as we encourage whistleblowing, prayer to God is the first approach to bringing to a close the detestable physical nature of ethics. In this sense, one ought not to fear as he/she engages in this battle for there is a heavenly backup of the winning side.

Featured Photo: David Kamau, CEO of Fusion Capital (second left) with other management representatives from Fusion Capital showcase their awards at the ELNET Ethics Conference and Awards 2018.

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