911 S5: Proxy provider forces users to identify themselves

The well-known proxy provider 911 S5 refuses to accept new customers. Anyone who wants to use it must now identify themselves.

The service based in the British Virgin Islands 911 S5 is currently changing its system. It is currently no longer possible to register as a new customer there. Anyone wishing to use the services must also verify their identity according to the Know Your Demonstrate the Customers (KYC) principle. The cheapest package starts at 28 US Dollars. 9.000 Proxies cost 674 USD. Tests available on the web particularly emphasize the good Windows clients and the speed of the proxy servers.

911 S5 wants to lock out customers with illegal intentions

911 S5 is a SOCKS5 proxy provider. To explain: A SOCKS5 proxy is a simple server that disguises the user’s IP address by forwarding the company. Since the activities originating from the user can no longer be traced back, 911 S5 was in the scene to date quite popular.

SOCKS (= abbreviation for sockets) is a versatile Internet protocol. With it, you can redirect any kind of data, including online games or data from email servers and much more. Further detailed explanations on the subject of proxy servers can be found here in our guide, which has lost none of its topicality to this day.

Since 22. July the client as well as the website of 911 S5 welcomes all customers after login with the following message (screenshot ):

“We review our network and add a number of security measures to prevent misuse of our services. This includes vetting and strict KYC verification.

This includes blocking all URLs associated with 3rd party financial, shopping and payment interfaces. And enabled through a set of programmed mechanisms to monitor whether the use of the proxy is legitimate and consistent with the information provided by the user.

The replenishment of the proxy balance and the registration of new users are closed . We review all existing users to ensure their use is legal and in accordance with our Terms of Service.”


911 S5

According to their own guidelines, you are not allowed to spread warez or malware using the proxies, but this probably didn’t deter scene customers from their activities. The offshore provider also prohibits any hacking activities, sending spam, DDoS attacks and basically everything that could cause damage to third parties or violate the law.

But as I said, the warnings from 911 S5 will probably go into to have run empty. At least until now. Because from now on you will have to identify yourself with an ID card, photo or other means.

Users have obviously generously disregarded the rules

It stays It remains to be seen how this step will affect economic success. If the proportion of customers with legal intentions has always been large enough, the proxy provider will not suffer any financial damage. Otherwise 911 S5 can wrap up in the medium term.

Excerpt from the rules on 911.re – that probably didn’t stop many from their illegal intentions.

Perhaps one has no choice but to follow the example of other providers who have been closed down by the authorities.


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