ABC Bank rewards Murang’a man after social post on his kind act went viral

Life changing decisions are often inspired by the choices one makes; whether to wait for one day or count it as day one.

Such is the story of Nicholas Muchami, 45, a man with a rare breed of the go-getter spirit from Kaganda village, Kiharu, Murang’a County.

As some of us await Forbes, Bloomberg and the likes to honour our social-economic efforts, households of Kaganda village have Muchami in their high esteems for giving them another reason to appreciate life.

Few months ago, netizens were treated to Muchami’s viral narrative displaying how he tirelessly dug a road up a hill for 10 consecutive days in a bid to shorten the distance between two points of Kaganda village. His efforts realized a 1.5-kilometer road courtesy of his two assets – a hoe and a ramrod.

He explained that he simply wanted to make work easier for his village mates.

“I work as a watchman at a nearby school and I see that people around the area including children have to walk at least four kilometers to get from one point of Kaganda to another. I decided to dig the road to make traveling easier,” said Muchami during his visit at ABC Bank’s head office on Waiyaki Way.

His decision touched the hearts of Murang’a residents, local, regional and national politicians, businessmen, the mainstream media and other Kenyans including the management of ABC Bank.

Esther Wanjiku, a social activist and a Kaganda native had shared Muchami’s act on social media, unreservedly expressing her joy to limitless social media users.

Esther, who accompanied Muchami for the meeting at ABC Bank, praised Muchami’s bold move detailing how it is inspiring other residents in the area to take up ownership of challenges they face. Even better, the same road has challenged leaders, across the board, to apply themselves in solving issues that affect their constituents.

“Muchami is an inspiration to us all that we do not necessarily have to have money to solve problems,” said Esther.

The buzz effect by Muchami’s act captured the attention of businesspeople from as far as Kitengela and well-wishers who have stepped forward to show appreciation of his work, and this has been helpful.

Even with the numerous challenges facing a majority of the rural folks, including unreliable casual gigs, not having a complete house and more, Muchami has managed to build the road.

“Some of the problems that I have included an incomplete house. I would appreciate if my home could get electricity. I would be eternally grateful if I had another dairy cow,” Muchami explained.

It is a sigh of relief after ABC Bank made efforts to salvage Muchami’s situation. The bank’s Treasury & Financial Institutions General Manager Philip Wambua pledged, on behalf of the bank, to buy a high yielding ‘grade’ dairy cow and at least six months of feed and livestock insurance.

“In addition to supporting Muchami with his immediate needs we must also provide solutions that are sustainable,” said Philip at the meeting.

Additionally, ABC Bank will purposes to collaborate with Esther to open an account for Muchami with the local milk processors so that he can supply his milk on a daily basis, organize to open a bank account for him, give him financial training and organize extension services to ensure that his cows are healthy, and they can reproduce sustainably.

The Bank’s staff also contributed their own resources to send the 45-year old back home with an assortment of food and household goods.

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