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Welcome to Kenya’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) conversation. My SME Update narrates events happening in the country with a direct and indirect impact on the existence, growth and sustainability of small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya plus innovations and developments by Kenya’s enterprising men and women. Our focus is on Manufacturfing, Real Estate, Agri-Business, Corporate Lifestyle, Local Innovations and trending business effect updates.

Our objective is to engage industry stakeholders in knowledge and information sharing.

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Nothing matters in the mass media world more than integrity, transparency, balance and now precision in online journalism an ideal that we publicly constrain ourselves to. Our online journalism lives for significance as it positively transforms the society we serve and advocating its ideals and entire progress within the SME environment.

We would like to write about your business, innovation and solution to the Kenyan market. Let us help you reach out through our platforms by dropping an email at contact[at]update[dot]co[dot]ke with the word Brands in your subject.

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