After hack, a billion data for 200,000 US dollars

After a police department in Shanghai was hacked, unknown persons claim to have copied data from up to a billion Chinese.

If the hack turns out to be a If true, it would be the largest cybersecurity breach in China’s history to date. A user of BreachedForums claims that he managed to obtain 23 terabytes of personal data to get. This had accumulated a police department in Shanghai. user sells over a billion data Chinese!

The Shanghai National Police (SHGA) database is to contain information such as the names, addresses, birthplaces, ID numbers, cell phone numbers and criminal history information of over a billion Chinese. The news portal reported exclusively on this yesterday. If you want to contact the seller, you have to write to him via XMPP (Jabber).

The illegal offer at – screenshot from

The person responsible for the hack, which is said to have taken place in the course of this year, only requires 10 Bitcoins. That’s the equivalent of 200.000 U.S. dollar. The user ChinaDan first published a small excerpt of the database on to prove the authenticity of the hack. Whether, as announced, he actually has the data of over a billion people together with 750.000 was able to capture additional information, but is not yet certain. Some members of express their doubts. The database excerpt offered free of charge is too small for you to check its authenticity. The excerpt was later tripled on the advice of the forum admins to finally prove the authenticity of the data. Since the file was constantly abused by the share hoster and thus deleted, the forum is now hosting the archive itself.

One night in the hotel would be significantly cheaper

Discussion with ChinaDan who is likely to opt for this offer in June 2022 registered, you can follow here: Incidentally, the concept of the board is strongly reminiscent of RaidForums, which the authorities took offline in April of this year.

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What is the hacker about?

One of the forum users asks whether it is now cheaper to buy government information than to rent a room from the Huazhu hotel chain. Of course that was just a joke. Despite this, several forum participants unanimously stated that the database made a real impression on them. However, considering the gigantic amount of information, the asking price is far too low. Data from a billion Chinese for whole 200.000 USD? Either the seller is new to the business, lacks intelligence, or their primary concern is to annoy the Chinese authorities with the hack. Various users express such and similar assumptions there. Some of them may be competitors of the provider.

51772Some hackers hate the authorities of China

By the way, donated databases are no exception in the forum. Other users are also giving away data from various Chinese government agencies that they have stolen themselves or that they have obtained from elsewhere. In addition, all kinds of data sets are sold there. This also includes data from single exchanges such as, invitations to closed BitTorrent trackers, hacks from online shops, crypto trading exchanges and much more. Actually everything that could bring in money for the sellers…

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