Amazon announces end of cloud storage service Amazon Drive

Amazon has announced the discontinuation of its Drive service. Amazon Photos will then be available for storing photos and videos.

Amazon intends to end its cloud storage service Amazon Drive by the end of next year. As announced by the company, it will be Drive from 29. December 2014 no longer support. Access to data stored there is then completely blocked for users. The upload function is prevented earlier, specifically from 29. January. The company provides the Drive apps for Android and iOS on 29. October 2017 a.

With this early announcement, the online giant wants to give its customers enough time to look for an alternative and to back up their data that is not compatible with Amazon Photos in good time. To compensate, the company offers the Amazon Photo service, which is intended to act as a central storage location for photos and videos. Photos and videos are automatically transferred from Drive to Amazon Photos.

Amazon Drive – a discontinued model

The online retailer introduced its Cloud storage service in March 2011 as “secure cloud storage service for sa customers to save their files” and thus offers 5 GB of free storage space. With one Amazon account, users can transfer and manage files and folders from multiple devices. Including web browsers, desktop applications, mobile phones and tablets. In November 2014 Amazon added Prime Photos, which allowed unlimited storage of photos in users’ Amazon Drive.

Until now, Amazon Drive offered 5 GB of free cloud storage for all users with an Amazon account. For Prime members, Drive also included unlimited storage for high-resolution photos. Additional storage space incurs additional charges at various monthly and yearly rates. However, the focus is now shifting to Amazon Photos and Drive after 30.12.2023 no longer supported. At the 29. On July 2014 the online giant announced that it was launching the service for 31. December 2023 worldwide.

“At the 31. December 2014 we will no longer support Amazon Drive to focus our efforts more on storing photos and videos with Amazon Photos. With Amazon Photos, we want to continue offering our customers the ability to securely store, share, and organize photos and videos.”

Further announcement: the price of Prime subscriptions will also increase significantly in the near future

Another announcement by Amazon extended to a fee increase for Prime memberships. If the company had already announced a corresponding price increase for the USA in February 2014, the prices in this country will soon also rise significantly.

So you want to pay monthly instead of 7,99 to 8, 99 Top up euros. Furthermore, the costs increase from 58 euros to

per year ,90 Euro. As the company announced, the change “applies at the earliest when the next payment is due, on or after 15. September 2023” .

Anyone who does not like such a price increase has the option within 30 days after receipt of the information. Otherwise you agree to the change automatically.

The online retailer pointed out that this was the first increase in Germany since 2017. As compensation, customers could, among other things, access an improved offer in video streaming.


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