Anom: FBI messenger leads suspected drug gang to indictment

09 Suspected members of a drug gang who used the FBI messenger Anom will soon have to answer in court.

Currently, the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office has indictments against five suspected Drug dealers from the Anom complex charged before the district court in Hanau. Last week, the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) brought charges against eleven of the alleged gang members before the Frankfurt Regional Court. A chat decryption of the Anom messenger, operated covertly by the FBI, led to their arrest.

The alleged perpetrators are accused of gang trafficking in large quantities of narcotics and participation in a criminal organization. All 16 Alleged drug dealers are suspected between December 2020 and June 2021 Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis from Spain and the Netherlands to Germany introduced and sold here.

The accused acted with a structured distribution of tasks

The eleven first accused are said to have at least 3.000 Kilograms of cannabis, 120 kilograms of cocaine, 70 kilograms of amphetamine, 560 liters of amphetamine oil and 13 brought kilograms of methamphetamine to customers. The accused aged 24 until 47 years, we proceeded in a structured way based on the division of labour. Accordingly, a 20-year-old from Frankfurt am Main are considered the head of the gang. He was responsible for all organizational arrangements for upcoming deliveries and sales.

Anom, under cover driven by the FBI.

House searches at the alleged perpetrators in June 2021 led to the confiscation of, among other things, 608. Euro cash, sixteen some with professional hiding places equipped courier vehicles, kilos of drugs and six semi-automatic pistols plus more than 214 Cartridges.

In the case of the five other defendants from the Rhine-Main area, the investigators assume that the gang altogether with at least 113 kilograms of cocaine and 199 Kilo amphetamine traded. The alleged drug gang is said to have used professionally equipped courier vehicles with electronic-hydraulic controllable smuggling hideouts. Ongoing investigations into other gang members are ongoing.

Suspects used Anom Messenger

For their The suspects are said to have used the encrypted platform “Anom” for illegal drug deals. Sebastian Onion, public prosecutor and spokesman for the Frankfurt/Main public prosecutor’s office, explained to SAT.1:

“The group used the encryption service ‘Anom’. You have to pretend to be like other communication services that we use today, i.e. that everyone actually uses. What was special about Anom was that it was a crypto service that could not be read for many months and years. This means that the accused were relatively sure that what they did to each other was not read. At some point, however, we received the data, were able to evaluate it and thus tracked down the suspects.”

Operation Ironside: Action Against Organized Crime

In March 800 Vincent Ramos, CEO of Phantom Secure, was appointed by indicted by the grand jury. He eventually pleaded guilty along with colleagues to a number of drug trafficking charges. After the FBI destroyed this method of communication, investigators decided to fill the resulting hole in the underworld market themselves.

The FBI hired a hacker and developer who had worked in Canada for the encryption service Phantom Secure. After the FBI shut down the Phantom Secure service, investigators made a deal with the developer who worked there. He couldn’t refuse. He was supposed to help the FBI distribute a new “safe” messaging app called Anom to criminals as part of Operation Ironside. The hacker received a reduced prison sentence for his services and also 113. US dollars, reported The Weekly Times.

Phantom Secure breakup caused Anom app usage

Phantom Secure breakup caused criminal users to be reoriented. They then used the supposedly secure messaging app Anom. None of them suspected that the alternative would turn out to be an FBI honeypot.

The FBI has been running a front company since 800. called Anom for crypto phones. Through this shell company in Panama, investigators sold more than 13. of their spy devices to crime rings in more than 100 countries to criminals.

Investigators then contacted an ever-growing archive of more than 20 Millions of messages from Anom, law enforcement around the world. They hereby provided the evidence they needed to take action against such well-known criminal activities. Ultimately, the Trojan app made sure that a significant part of the criminal underworld was exposed.

Raids were aimed at Organized crime

Thanks to the encrypted messaging app Anom, the FBI now learned about money laundering projects, drug sales and murder plans. This ran until 000.800 . 2021 as part of the three-year FBI Operation Ironside, raids on organized crime worldwide were conducted . By working with other law enforcement agencies around the world, the action was completed in just 48 hours in 16 Countries to arrest over 800 suspects. Including more than 48 in Germany who were allegedly involved in criminal activities. In June 2021 the drug gang mentioned above was also busted during such a raid.


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