Baka Board: new Usenet forum opened for anime fans

Recently, the Baka Board, a new German-speaking Usenet forum with a closed user group, opened.

A few days ago, a new forum opened its doors a bit, which is called the Baka Board . The board is aimed specifically at anime fans. If you are looking for a download source for all possible areas, you are in better hands with the well-known representatives. The name may be a reference to the book series by Kenji Inoue.

Who or what is the Baka Board?

The comedy Baka and Test has also been released as a TV series and PSP game. The Japanese word baka means idiot. Akihisa Yoshii is the “Baka” of the school class because his academic performance is very poor. Depending on their level of education, students are given various comforts or are deprived of all comforts as a reminder of their place in this system.

baka Board
Screenshot of the Baka Board.

Baka Board: Application procedure for new users

If you want to be registered as a user on the Baka Board, you must visit and put yourself through your paces there get checked. Newcomers to Usenet are also welcome, as can be read. The application process serves to ensure the security of the forum operators and their downloads.

Baka BoardSmall but nice community

baka BoardBaka Board

We remember that some commercial Usenet providers like to steal links to NZB files from German-speaking forums in order to enhance their own offer. The stolen links from HoU, BoU & Co. are hardly available from the commercial provider when they attract the attention of anti-piracy companies and are abused.

As a result, the uploads had to be deleted after just a few days. They are then simply no longer available to interested parties. To break this cycle, you don’t post your own URL and only offer the Baka Board to a closed group. This happened for example in the TNT forum.

Good references required for admission

Applicants should leave a note where else to warez forum is registered. Of course, the creators then take their time to look at how active you were there or how you behaved towards other users. Possible reasons for rejection are also the use of a disposable e-mail address, a completely new account in the reference forums, etc. pp.

We wish all users every success with the registration and no less a lot of fun with using the Baka Board.

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