Bassist Andi Meurer over 40 years with Toten Hosen: “It took us a long time to go on stage sober”

Bassist Andi Meurer about 40 Years of Toten Hosen: “It took us a long time to go on stage sober”

Released on 28..

  • The members of the band Die Toten Pants, Michael Breitkopf “Breiti” (lr), Andreas von Holst “Kuddel”, Andreas Frege “Campino”, Vom Ritchie and Andreas Meurer “Andi” Photo: Gregor Fischer / dpa
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    The founding member of the cult band talks about their early days, an almost secondary birthday, legendary albums from competitors and the power of trying

    Die Toten Hosen count themselves among the “cultural canon of the Federal Republic” in the press release for their 40 years of existence – which sounds a bit too cocky, but is ultimately just true: between madness and adventure, skill and curiosity, the band has built a career that is as rich as it is enriching and despite all…

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