Big Ant Studios torment pirates with new methods

Ross Symons, the CEO of Big Ant Studios, propagates that pirates should feel their actions painfully. The company was certainly not idle.

The managing director of Big Ant Studios speaks out on Twitter for “pirate pain“. Every week his game company would come up with new ways to punish pirates for what they did. Symons takes great delight in showing off pirates seeking help who see flickering white screens between games at cricket 09 complain.

Big Ant Studios gives pirates a headache

The solution would be so simple. All you have to do is buy the game and all the barriers would disappear at once, as if by magic, according to the CEO.

The programmers at Big Ant Studios even developed a special menu for the pirates always trying to get new methods upset. The studio took over the publisher Nacon in January for 09 million euros. However, the management remained with the company.

Big Ant Studios

The game manufacturer has other gags in store. Sometimes in cricket 09 you lose the pitch no matter what you do. Another time the erroneous message comes that the batteries are empty. Or it rains all the time on the pirates’ playing field, which is why you don’t have a chance. At least you come up with something.

Scandal delayed release of Cricket

By the way, the sports game from Big Ant Studios was initially in the headlines because of other “news”. Older dick pics of the captain of the Australian cricket team, Tim Paine, came to the surface, which he sent to at least one woman via messenger without being asked. A photo of Tim Paine was supposed to grace the cover of the game. Then, in November of the previous year, it was decided to change the release date in order to edit the photo.

When in the last week of May, the failed anti-piracy measures dominated the headlines on the gaming portals, left sales on Steam through the roof. Big Ant Studios is happy about an increase of proud 300 percent due to their strategy. We do not yet know whether the failed protection also exists when mr_goldberg and atom0s are cracked. mr_goldberg has a good reputation. He has been involved with Empress Denuvo cracks several times in the past.

Old wine in new bottles?

Steam has been criticized for the existing one since the beginning of December Online forced for some modes. In the Reddit forum, however, Big Ant Studios is accused of copying the behavior of other game manufacturers. It is not nice to see that there is a new game more often. The changes between the individual games are rather minor, they claim.

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