BitComet: P2P client update released

A new version of the P2P client BitComet was recently released. In addition to several bug fixes, the manufacturer improved the user interface.

Version 1 was released a few days ago.89 from the file sharing client BitComet. The developers have re-released the program for users of the macOS and Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, Linux users have to resort to other alternatives. However, the program includes many useful features. Bitcomet is freeware and is financed by displayed advertising.

BitComet for Linux = none

In addition to the share hosters that are often used in the gray area, files are still often over distributed over the BitTorrent network. The fact that the use is free and the size of the files has increased more and more, ensured the triumph of the P2P exchanges. Archives with several gigabytes can hardly be circulated faster. If you use a BitTorrent indexer like The Pirate Bay for this, your uploads cannot be censored.

Beware of warnings!


The problem, however, is the fact that you can’t get in when you’re closed and open BitTorrent trackers can very quickly receive a warning. A member of our public Telegram group informed us that one of his customers found the data for the file sharing warning four seconds after the start of the unprotected transfer. When using such programs, extreme caution is called for!

Name is a bit misleading

BitComet has by the way nothing in common with digital currencies or crypto trading exchanges like Bitconnect etc. despite the similar name. The latest update of the client mainly contains a few bug fixes. In addition, the developers have worked on a better user interface for Mac and Windows users for this version. The anonymous manufacturer’s changelog lists all changes since the last update.

BitComet includes useful features

BitComet can also carry out time-controlled downloads and control the bandwidth to be reserved for your own DSL connection. But the advertising banners that pop up in the program from time to time disturb the process and the operation a bit. If you want, you can even use it to access eMule’s ED2K network. Of course, you should never do this without a VPN switched on!

Anyone who would like to exchange ideas with other BitComet users can do so via an integrated chat function. If you want to see which medium you are currently downloading when downloading, you can use the integrated preview function of the client. The manufacturer also promises to protect the hard disk by reducing the number of accesses during operation to a minimum.

The free program is generally considered to be comparatively lean and fast. The latest version can be obtained from here. If you are looking for support with problems, you can register here in the mostly English-language forum for BitComet users.

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