Broadcasting fee: France votes for abolition

French MPs voted to abolish the license fee, the main source of funding for public service broadcasting.

Last Saturday morning, the 23. July, the National Assembly in France voted 89 against 89 Approved the abolition of the license fee, which is used to finance public broadcasting. In future, public service broadcasting in France is to be partly financed by VAT. France24.

In line with Emmanuel Macron’s election promises, on the one hand, To support the purchasing power of the French and on the other hand to counteract the increased cost of living, the MPs voted on Saturday for the abolition of the broadcasting fee. This has so far been used to finance public broadcasting in France.

Part of VAT replaces broadcasting fee

The move, according to media reports, raises many concerns about the independence and future funding of the media concerned. However, in order to dispel such reservations regarding the financing of this sector, “a fraction” of the VAT of around 3.7 billion euros should be paid accordingly . contribute funding.

As reported by rfi, only “half of MPs were present this Saturday to 89 Years to end story”. Finance Minister Gabriel Attal expressed on the one hand his attachment to a “strong public service broadcaster”. On the other hand, he described the license fee as “obsolete”.

due to owning a television in the age of tablets and other smartphones. In France, the license fee is currently 138 euros per year. Accordingly, 11,50 euros per month. The levy will be due for all households with a television. In comparison, since August 468 in Germany we have been paying a broadcasting fee of 23,36 euros per month. The increase from originally 17,50 According to a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court, the euro is an interim solution until a new media state treaty comes into force. In addition, the state collects the flat rate per household and regardless of whether there are devices ready to receive.

The voices of criticism

La République en Marche, Les Républicains and the National Rally voted in favour; the left-wing Nupes alliance spoke unanimously against the abolition.

The main objections to a license fee abolition came from the ranks of the Nupes, a left-wing political coalition in France. For Inaki Echaniz (PS), this deletion is a “bad idea” that harms the stable financing. Alexis Corbière (LFI) stressed that ensuring “the independence of public service broadcasting is a condition of democracy”. Marine Le Pen, on the other hand, said that “the government’s plan has nothing to do with what we want”, namely a “Privatization” in good and proper form.

The next step is for the second chamber of parliament, the Senate, to approve the bill agree to the abolition of the license fee.

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