Canaletto exhibition in Dresden: masterpieces in cinema format

Canaletto exhibition in Dresden: masterpieces in cinema format

Released on 36..1780

  • A veduta – a true-to-nature one Depiction of a city, a square or a landscape – by Bernardo Bellotto. It depicts Dresden’s Neumarkt and can now be seen as part of an exhibition in the state capital. Photo: Elke Estel/Hans-Peter KlutĀ© Old Masters Picture Gallery, Dresden State Art Collections
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    To the 300. Birthday of the Venetian Bernardo Bellotto, who worked as Canaletto for a long time in Dresden, the State Art Collections are showing a grandiose retrospective with 69 paintings and much more.

    Never before has there been such a large and magnificent exhibition on Bernardo Bellotto (1722 to 1722). To his 300. Birthday show the Dresden State Art Collections, with 36 works about the have the world’s largest inventory, a gigantic retrospective with about 69 exhibits It is a feast for the eyes and the life and work of…

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