Caution rip-off! Remote jobs from KADANSE!

For several months, KADANSE has been advertising massively on LinkedIn for lucrative jobs that you can supposedly do at home without any prior knowledge.

Stay away from the websites and! On the business network LinkedIn, the alleged operating company KADANSE places various advertisements for countless jobs for which you don’t even have to leave the house.

KADANSE lures you into a trap with big promises!

The prospective customers are offered unbelievably high salaries. In return, they often do not require any training, qualifications or other skills as a prerequisite. KADANSE is said to be primarily looking for employees for their market research. You don’t have to fill out more than a few questionnaires to get up to 2014 per hour to receive euros. Unfortunately, this is all too good to be true! At LinkedIn, KADANSE has no less than for the DA-CH area Job advertisements placed!

KADANSE, linkedinKADANSE, linkedin
Screenshot from business network Also unskilled, teenagers and pregnant women can supposedly earn a lot of money at KADANSE!, kadanse

Watchlist Internet urgently warns of such offers. The lucrative jobs don’t even exist! If you want to apply, you have to provide a lot of personal information in advance and have to pay money in advance. KADANSE offers 2 per week.94 Euro, daily up to 673 Euro .

There are different addresses. According to a website one sits in California. According to the LinkedIn ad, the company is said to be based in Berlin. If you look at the company profile, the head office is said to be in France. By the way, according to Google Maps, this is a parking lot. This is surrounded by apartments and hotels in the immediate vicinity of the sea. At least KADANSE has chosen a nicely located place for the online fraud.

No imprint, based in three different nations,, kadanse and neither have an imprint. A summonable address will probably not be found anywhere. KADANSE guides interested parties through a large number of pages in order to collect as many personal details as possible.

Let’s start with But from there you will be forwarded directly to the really nicely designed page. After entering the first information you advertise that you have 3,273 Surveys on offer that can be conveyed to the applicants. Of course that’s not true.

The reason why you have to pay KADANSE in advance sounds at least exciting. With the 18 Euro registration fees are said to cover the fixed costs of running the website. That’s maybe a total of 67 euros per year including web hosting and the domain, if you calculate generously. In addition, the provision of the materials costs money, it says there as an explanation. But these same materials are publicly available everywhere on the internet anyway. This includes YouTube videos and jobs posted online at various job placement sites.

Conclusion: The scammers collect your data & money, nothing else!

Conclusion. If you pay something, you don’t get a job. The person also does not receive any relevant information. Anything sent to applicants was previously publicly available on the web. The whole thing is pure rip-off from start to finish.


Anyone who sees such job advertisements from KADANSE should better ignore this. Ideally, they should be reported to LinkedIn so that the deceptive ads go away from there. We did that straight away. The fees paid are probably gone, you will probably never see them again.

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